Pizazz had an inquinal hernia
that was repaired as well.
Caught earlier, hers was not
as bad as Comets, but all
large hernias are life
Pizazz had a family waiting
to adopt her and she is now
in a permanant loving home.

Rosanne (right) had a damaged hip
joint & had to have hip surgery.

Roseanne is still waiting for someone
to fall in love with her & adopt her.  
Her hip is 100% healed & she runs
and plays just fine.
For donations of food or
supplies, or if you have
any questions, please
email us
Our Angels
Melissa received
surgery to correct a
displaced hip & is now
in a loving family.  
Thank you to all that
donated to make that
Taylor had severe peridontal
disease, now with the diseased
teeth pulled & her remaining teeth
clean, she is in a new home where
she is treasured!
Comet came in with a
huge hernia, it has been
removed & this adorable
little girl has been adopted
& no longer has to drag
her insides!
Comet has been adopted.
Baby Face came to
us from a shelter with
Demodex Mange.
We thought we had
gotten it under
control, stopped his
medication, only to
have it reoccur!   
Now, two years later
it is completely gone
and Baby is needing
a home!
Nanu, a 10 month old
Mexican Hairless came to
us with TWO broken legs!
You can
Nanu's story  by
Some of the Dogs that
have been helped by
generous donations

from people like you
Holly had a serious skin condition
that required a special diet &
frequent medicated baths.  She is all
better now & has been adopted!