Here are a few dogs that came in needing some special
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Lewis was old.  The animal shelter
decided that Lewis would not be
adoptable.  Not only was he "old" his
mouth was terrible.  His teeth were so
terribly rotten that the infection had
traveled up into his jawbones.   The law
requires the shelter to hold all "strays"
for 5 days, so for 5 days Lewis sat in
his cage without receiving antibiotics
that would at least stop the infection.
We agreed to take him in & he
immediately went into the hospital to
receive the much needed antibiotics &
fluids.   He weighed about 1/2 of what
he should weigh because it hurt to eat &
with the infection raging through his
body, all of his resources were
Karen and Dennis adopted Lewis, renamed him Colby, and gave him what might
have been the best months of his life.  In spite of all their love & care, Colby
continued to have medical problems.  He finally lost his fight & went peacefully
to the rainbow bridge.

He enriched so many lives with his selfless love.  What a great boy he was &
shall ever be in our hearts.
This gorgeous Shetland Sheepdog
puppy was purchased at a local
petshop.   At 3 months of age, she was
supposed to be the "pet" of a 4 year old
boy that had no prior experience with
small animals.  Left alone with his new
"toy" the boy stepped on her foot with
enough force to break 4 bones in her
right paw.   The parents did take her to
a vet, but refused x-rays and treatment
of the obviously broken paw.
AJ is a very striking dog!   She is 1/2 Jack Russel Terrier & 1/2 Border Collie!   She came from a very loving home, but
unfortunately she developed a fondness for playing with their horses & was kicked.  Her left front leg was shattered & needed
surgery to pin it back in place.   Her owners made the decision to euthanize her as they couldn't afford the surgery & knew that
she would not be safe at their home with the horses.

The vets and office workers took up a collection & raised $$ to pay for her surgery & then turned her over to us for her
reabilitaion & re-homing.   She is doing great & should get her pin out sometime mid-October.   Aj is house trained, crate
trained, loving & all round is a great dog.  

AJ has been adopted & is loving her new life with her new family!  Stay safe AJ!
Miss Muffet, A 3 or 4 year old Chinese Crested, was discovered sitting in urine & feces
in a southern California Animal Shelter.  She was completely paralized in her hind end,
unable to move out of her own waste.

She is now able to walk with assistance & is likely to make an almost complete recovery.  
Please click on her picture to read more about her therapy & reabilitation.  Miss Muffet
has finally found her absolutely PERFECT home!!!  Under her new family's diligent care
& love she is walking better than ever & can even begin to lift her front feet up a few
inches balancing on her previously useless hind legs... now strong & getting stronger by
the day!   Before they know it she will be jumping on the furnature!
Realizing that their son's toy was
broken, yet not willing to put in the time
or money to fix her, they surrendered
her to our rescue.  after 3 weeks in our
care, "Whim"  is a happy bouncy (too
bouncy she is supposed to be taking it
easy) puppy.  The procedure to set her
paw was close to $300.00.   We have
now spayed her as well, so before we
are done, we will likely have close to
$500.00 in this darling girl.
Whim has been adopted and will now
answer to the lovely name of
"Jasmine"   Here is a picture of her with
her Sheltie brother in her new home.  
Her cast is off & she is using her leg
very well.
Here I am with 4 special girls.  Muffet (whom you met above) in the center, BooBoo in
my left arm, Christy in my right arm & Comet talking to us on the floor!

All four girls came into our rescue paralyzed or partially paralyzed.  Christy has been
adopted.  Miss Muffet has been adopted,  BooBoo (chihuahua) has also just been adopted
leaving only  Comet (Poodle/maltese)  still looking for special people that would like to
welcome her into their homes.
Eve is a sphinx cat.  She is totally hairless & in her
prior home she had surgery to correct her lower
eyelids because they turned in, causing her eyes to
be scraped every time she blinked.  Unfortunately
the surgery was not sucessful on her right eye.  This
is a very painful condition & her owner could not
afford to have the surgery done again, so he turned
her over to us.  She has now had her surgery & will
be recovering for the next two weeks.  

3 days post surgery & she is holding her eye open
more.... all looks good so far!
Eve has been adopted!
Nanu is a 10 month old Xoloticuentle.  She was brought to the
Atascadero Emergency Vet on January 1st 2010.  X-rays showed
that both front legs were badly broken.  Her owner did not have the
$$ to properly fix her legs with surgery, so her legs were splinted &
she was released.

Unfortunately for Nanu, her owners could not afford her follow up
care, so they did the re-wrapping of her splints themselves.  Her
Right leg was wrapped too tightly & her blood flow was restricted.  
This led to some of her skin cells dying.  Her owner noticed the foul
smell & called the vet.  They advised her to bring Nanu in
immediately.  Again, because of finances, they decided that they
could not help her, so they called us.  We picked up Nanu on
January 18th 2010 & rushed her to the vet.  X-rays revealed that her
left leg was healing even though it was no longer aligned properly, but
her right leg is not healing well yet.  Worse though, her skin is dying
off on her right leg & paw & she could lose ALL of the skin from mid
shin down.

Nanu is receiving daily hyperbaric treatments & twice daily
re-wrapping of her leg using honey to try and save some of her skin.

Nanu's ongoing treatment will be quite costly, but we are doing
everything we can to help her.  If you would like to donate to help
defray her medical costs, please  
Click here

If you are able to view graphic images, you can click on the link
below to see daily updates of what her skin looks like under the
bandages and how she is doing.  Please, only click if you can handle
some pretty disturbing images
Graphic Images of Nanu's leg
Nanu had to have her right leg amputated on 3/3/2010.   She did fine & is
now home.   For details (no gory pictures) please
Click here