Updates on Nanu
Some of the pictures below are graphic pictures showing the damage to Nanu's right front leg caused by the too
tight bandages.  Do not scroll down if you are disturbed by wounds.   Nanu's injuries show that lay people should
not assume their pet's veterinary treatment unless they are properly trained.
This is how Nanu's right leg looked when I removed the bandage on 2/23/2010.  There is considerable skin
sloughing & some of the skin on her paw is black.
The vet's are not yet sure what is going on with the paw.  It is horribly swollen & that grey/white ball under her foot is
attached.. I have no idea exactly how this is going to turn out, but it is as bad as I have ever seen.
2/24/2010 at the vet
Well, the exam of her left leg showed promising bone strength!  Unfortunately her right leg really
doesn't look like the bone has knitted at all, but her skin is the major concern on her right leg right
now.  The vet massaged her foot pushing out accumulated fluids and breaking up the pockets of
fluid.  Nanu was VERY brave and didn't cry or try to bite anyone, but you could tell it hurt her :(
Even though there is still a lot of black/dead tissue on the paw, there is now some pink healthy skin
as well, so the vet is cautiously optimistic that we may be able to save her leg.  Of course, if we do fix
the skin, then we are still looking at surgery most likely to fix the bone.
top left: The vet is massaging out excess fluids from her paw

Center:  You can see some pink tissue above & below
the                     black
Right:  Her paw is smaller & looks better without that fluid!

Bottom left: The Hyperbaric Chamber is a lonely
scary                                 place, but it is helping Nanu & so
the daily                                sessions continue!
2/23/2010 at home
2/25/2010 at home
Since the right leg bone is not healing, the vet added tongue depressors to each side for increased support.  The
good left leg will remain splinted since she is not putting any weight on the right leg & the still healing left leg is doing
double duty.   She is such a good girl for all of her treatments & is a total lovebug!  It is hard to cuddle her because I
don't want to accidentally bump her leg, but we manage!

Today when I removed the bandage the paw was much less swollen thanks to the vet's squeezing the day before.  I
tried to massage the foot, but it was too hard for me to hold her, support her leg AND massage the foot, so hopefully
massaging the foot just once a day at her daily vet visits will be enough.  

Nanu either really likes the taste/smell of the honey, or her leg is itchy, because the hardest part of doing the honey
wrap is keeping her tongue out of it & her head up so that I can see what I am doing!   I was encouraged by today's
healing.  It seems to me like there is more pink skin & less black.  She does have feeling in the leg, which is good for
her prognosis, but I can't imagine what it must feel like when I redo the wraps.  She is good about it, but she does
wince.  Once the wrap is in place, it doesn't seem to hurt as much.  
2/25/2010 at home
2/26/2010 at home
Today will make one week of hyperbaric treatments.  I really think they are helping.  Her leg today still has black skin
that will fall off (as it is dead), but the skin on her paw is warm to the touch & that is a VERY good sign!   She is
taking more of an interest in  things around her now so I think the pain is less.  Of course she still needs her activity
limited, so unless she is in my arms, she is confined to a small exercise pen in my upstairs "guest room".  She
shares her room with Comet, who is partially paralysed and Angel, a Siamese kitten that I bottle fed, so she isn't
terribly lonely.  I cut the sleeves out of a doggy sweatshirt & cut a slit in the neckline so that she would have comfy
Pajamas to wear.   With the two casts, it is impossible to dress her in normal doggy sweaters.
Modeling my
Treats are
always a
good thing!
camera shy!
2/26/2010 at the vet
The vet on call tonight did not want Nanu to have her hyperbaric treatment.  She said it is not worth continuing as
she felt that there was no way that Nanu would be able to keep her leg.  She said that the entire pad was
compromised and there would be no fixing it.  Also she was concerned because Nanu had no ability to move the paw
below the break.  She advised amputation on Monday.   I felt sucker punched...  I really was feeling GREAT this
morning.. well not great, but very, very hopeful!    I'll see for myself in the morning when I change her wrap.
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