There is unfortunately another looks highly likely that Nanu is going to have to have a second surgery
in the near future.     Her "good" (read that ONLY) front leg has a bit of a problem.  Her foot is hyper flexed...  when
she walks on it her dew claw pad hits the ground.  If she doesn't/can't strengthen it up, the they will have to fuse
the joint surgically <sigh>.   The vet has no idea why it is like this.  I am going to try giving her joint suppliments to
see if it helps.    When she goes back for her stitch removal he will assess her progress & we will make a decision
as to if she needs the surgery.
Nanu is now a Tripod!
Nanu's surgery was very successful.  She is home and doing
very well.  I crocheted her a new sweater with only one leg hole.  
She seems to like it & of course looks adorable.  The broken
bones in her left leg have mended. That is of course extremely
good news!
She will get her stitches out in
2 weeks.  She is being very
good about leaving them
alone & not licking her
stitches.  Of course wearing
her new sweater will make
getting to them harder should
she decide that they itch.

I was expecting more of a
stump, but I think once it is
healed she will barely even
have a scar.
This is her front leg.  It is lightly
resting on my dresser top &
you can see that she is not
standing upright like dogs are
supposed to.  Her dew claw pad
is on the ground instead of up
in the air like it should be.  

It doesn't seem fair.. the bone
healed, but now she has yet
another hurdle to overcome.
Saturday 3/6/2010
Nanu's spirits are high & she is enjoying being home & not
having to go to the vet every day.  She would like to do more
than she is supposed to & it is hard keeping her quiet.  She
doesn't seem to be in any pain from the amputation.  I'm still
concerned about her ankle, it still drops clear to the ground!
Sunday 3/7/2010
Nanu's favorite thing is to snuggle with me.  She loves it when I wrap her
up a blanket.  She is incredibly affectionate & loving.
Thursday 3/11/2010
No new major developments.  Her amputation site is healing
perfectly.  She doesn't mess with it.  Her stitches are due to
come out mid next week.

She has really gotten attached to me.. in fact she likes nothing
better than to be tucked inside my jacket or sweatshirt & be
carried around.  Ok, may be I am spoiling her just a bit!

I am giving her more time walking around & it seems like her
ankle is getting a little bit stronger.
Friday 3/12/2010
We had a visitor today!   Karen, Nanu's greatest financial supporter
& a terrific friend of our rescue, came by with a stack of beds, some
glucosymine "treats", some (yum) Duck Jerky & other wonderful
things for Nanu to eat!

Nanu thought Karen was wonderful & the Duck Jerky even more

Rally & Jenny (2 of our pom/ShihTzu pups joined the fun as well!
Nanu had to learn to share a lap with
Rally.  Rally is our "runt" being only
about 1/2 pound at 9 weeks!
We weren't giving out the
treats fast enough... Nanu
helped herself.  You can see
that her ankle is still bending
waay too much!
"hey", isn't that MY treat Rally is
eating?  Hard to learn to share!
Nanu on her new bed (that Karen
bought just for her) all tuckered out
from playing!   She wasn't too tired to
take a piece of Duck Jerky to bed with
her to chew on though!
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