Duke's Antics
A dangerous Snake is on Mom's
bed.  It is up to the DUKE of
MERLE to SAVE her!
Fearlessly he launces into the
attack!  Grabbing the dangerous
Ah, the Beast is putting up
quite a fight!
The Duke of Merle
fights on!
It is amazing how STRONG the
snake is . . . . can the Duke
possibly conquer such a foe?
Ah yes, The Duke is getting the
upper hand!
Then again, maybe not! the snake
wraps around our hero!
Our hero pauses to take a breath.
(fighting snakes is very tiring)
The snake seizes the opportunity. . .
the Duke of Merle
Is this the END of
the Duke of Merle???
The Duke shakes free
of the snake's deadly embrace!
He flings the monster about, shaking
the life from his deadly length
And then, a fatal bite to the head!
HA! The Duke of Merle
triumphs over EVIL!
Shame on any who doubted. . .
The Duke of Merle always wins!
 About "The Duke"

The Duke of Merle is my "main
man".  He is a blue merle
chihuahua.  He is an extremely
smart fellow and changed my
mind about the chihuahua as a
breed.  I always considered them
"lap pets", which they are, but
they can be so much more!

Duke has learned numerous tricks
as well as all standard obedience
commands.  He also does agility,
not quite with the speed and flair
of a border collie, but plenty well
enough to keep me on my toes!

Duke is also the first dog to greet
a new foster & make him or her
feel at home.  He cheerfully
accepts all new dogs (and cats)
into his home.

He is extremely photogenic &
doesn't mind getting himself into
all sorts of situations for the

I hope you enjoy his pages.
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