Teaching Moe Hawk to Lay Down
Moe now fully understands, "sit" and will do it on
command.  I'll still occasionally give him a click & treat,
but not every time.

Below we will be teaching "lie down" or "drop" (it is
preferrable to use a single word for a command.  "drop" is
better than "down" because you will tend to use the word
down to mean "get down off of me" or "get down off the

The "drop" command is taught from the "sit" position.
Once Moe  is
sitting, I will move
my hand (holding a
treat) past his nose
and slowly towards
the floor.  My plan
is to have him
follow the treat to
the ground.  You
can see on the right
he is trying to eat
the treat even as he
is folding.
He continues following the treat until he is laying down!  My
other hand does the "click" and he gets his reward.  This was
an easy concept for Moe, but if your dog doesn't
immediately follow your hand all the way down, please feel
free to click and reward all of his tries.  If he starts to "fold",
then click & reward.  This will give him confidence he will
need to go all the way down.  I will repeat this many times,
just like the "sit" until he fully understands & I don't have to
lower my hand all the way to the floor, or hold a treat.   
Then, just like with the sit, I will wait a few seconds after he
is down to click, thus encouraging him to hold the "drop"
position for longer & longer lengths of time.

Stay will be an easy concept . . . it is just a matter of
extending the time between the dog sitting (or laying down)
& your click/treat.   Again, eventually you will not need to
treat.  The behaviour will be learned & praise will be
sufficient reward.

When teaching a small dog (Moe only weighs 5 pounds) it is
nice to teach on a table or bed so you don't have to do alot
of bending...although that would be good exercise!
Leash training
coming soon!
Trick training
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